Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello, I'm new in the blogging business. Just trying it out. I will do this for a week or two after which, by His grace, I intend to be regular in posting what I believe to be the Kingdom perspectives to various issues of human life and endeavours.

The Kingdom by the way does not operate in a vacuum. It is the desire of the Lord to see His Kingdom visibly expressed in every facet of human life, human settlement and human endeavours. So this is what we'll be doing herein. We'll share experiences and meditations, God's dealings, mostly mine (for a start, as we go on, we'll share the experiences and processes of other brethren).

This will therefore be an avenue for Kingdom believers to share their thoughts together and strengthen one another in a world oppositional to the realm from which we have come.

My name is Adeyemo Temidayo & I'm resident in Ibadan, Nigeria


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